Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Martish celebrates ‘Obrigada’ – The Havaianas 2014 Collection Launch

The day was dressed for a celebration as Martish Marketing Company- the exclusive sub-distributor of Havaianas in Southern & Eastern Mindanao, held ‘Obrigada 2014’ at the Northcrest Resort Ballroom on March 12, 2014.

‘Obrigada’, which means ‘thank you’ in Portuguese, is the company’s annual gathering of Davao’s top media personalities, and key influencers. “Because this afternoon is a bigger celebration than past years’, it just means that our hearts are ever so thankful for the support that you have given through the years,” Marga Nograles remarked in her welcome message to the guests.  

Martish has once again bested itself in preparing for Obrigada 2014. Known for its sophistication in organizing themed parties, Martish adorned the venue with shabby chic elements, making it feel and making it look like a picture taken on a bright summer day! The guests, who came in floral outfits, enjoyed taking their pictures with the ballroom’s main pieces- 3 photo corners primped in pastel colors. 

Presenting the Havaianas 2014 Collection

Loud and the vibrant hues of the rad and summer-ready Havaianas Neon Collection. Available in Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Pink, and Lake Green,

Havaianas Fun - Vibrant hues of summer, a whole new level of fun footwear with these funky pairs.

Tisha Dominguez and Marga Nograles with their close friends as models.

Me with my blogger friends, Janvie,Dawn, Farrah and Enya.

From the venue to the decors, to the food, to the fashion show, ‘Obrigada 2014’ has trademarked a complete Havaianas package- a dainty celebration, excelling in its details, filled with the warmth of thanksgiving, and the laughter of its Havaianatico guests. 

Thank you Havaianas for inviting us! how much I miss posting here in our blog, will try my best to be active again :D CHEERS!


To New Adventures

H&M striped top | People are People denim jacket | 
Anne Klein watch
Urban Behavior jeans and booties | Topshop bag

YES. I'VE GAINED WEIGHT. Not that I know of.
Hey! I'm finally graduating! Aaaaah! It's a bittersweet thing really. My whole life I've been formed and conditioned in Ateneo de Davao University and it's dear parting that I'm finally getting out of my baby stroller and walking on my own. It's scary to think about but I'm taking this smoothly.  In fact, I want to skip the graduation ceremony and just deal with the real world from then on. I know I'm ready. But of course, the 'rents won't let me. My father's going to walk me down whilst feeling the vibe with the marching theme. The beat is stuck in my head. haha

My initial plan is to make the best out of my last summer here in the Philippines -- go to the beach, party, go to the gym, meet new people, try new things, eat more Filipino food, blog some more, attend events, spend the rest of my days with good friends, dogs and my boyfriend. I only have 3 more months until I bid adieu; I'll be living in Vancouver for good. I'll miss everybody but I'll still continue to blog. That's a promise. <3

So hurray to my fellow graduates! We're on the thresholds of our semi-adult life. After this, it's official, we're all unemployed. Haha Kidding. From here on, I only wish everybody the best.


Thursday, March 13, 2014


American Rag tee  | Anne Klein watch | Random from Nepal turquoise bracelet |
 Cache Cache necklace
Topshop shorts | Mango bag | Urban Behavior booties

Just had my 50 shades of disparity week. I've been sick, alive and kicking, cramming, eating loads of junk, motivated, unmotivated and laughing -- the whole nine yards. I've recently tried to let go of some of my stuff too. I have 2 and a half months more to dispose things that I won't use in Canada. Oh for those who don't know yet, I'll be living in Canada for good. Aside from finding a job as soon as I get back in Vancouver; I'll also be taking up another course; anything related to fashion. It'll probably be Fashion Merchandising. Anyway, I sold almost all of my clothes. I'm not even kidding. I find it quite hilarious that majority of our cabinets in our second floor is filled up with my father's clothes. He even borrowed half of my cabinet for his long sleeve button downs.

He's thinking of selling his clothes as well; ones that no longer fits him that is. 

And there's me. I almost have no clothes. I'm getting really anxious about it since summer is fast approaching. I know I shouldn't buy more clothes at this time since I'll only be selling them again. 

HELP ME! Should I buy clothes for summer or just stick with my old clothes? ( that aren't summer-y at all?)

Wore this turquoise bracelet my father got for me from his recent travel in Kathmandu, Nepal. The photo doesn't give this precious one justice at all. I worn it backwards here. :( He also got me a very intricate necklace he bought from the locals. I really, really want to wear it soon. So pretty.

Hmmm. I wonder what's in store for my next travel. :) Stay tuned.


Friday, February 21, 2014


H&M cropped sweater | Garage distressed shorts
Cotton On bag | Urban Behavior boots

Here's the thing about Freddy Kreuger, out of all the brain-slashing, menacing killers on screen, he is what I think the most stylish. Jason's monotonous outfit doesn't really move me. Pennywise's clown get-up makes me puke. Chucky the Doll is cute however. Jigsaw looks smug with his tuxedo -- like he doesn't have a choice otherwise he wouldn't be taken seriously. But Freddy looks dapper for a cold-hearted killer. With his black fedora, striped sweater and Elvira-like nails, who wouldn't be fooled?

Ignore the sensibilities. I am bored as ever again. I'm waiting for my father. We're getting ready to go a property he just purchased. Business ventures. Anyway, I think he's good to go. Will get back to you on this Freddy Kreuger debate. LOL. Have a nice day! :)