Which is the Best Petrol Self Propelled Lawn Mower?

“More and more people are now using a self-propelled lawn mower and with so many good options, it is difficult to decide best for your circumstances.”


If you are not sure which mower will be best for you and your family to use, you can read through these reviews and see which one has the functions that are going to serve you best. Each machine will have functions that the other does not, and it will be entirely down to the needs of your lawn and garden that will allow you to make the selection. Having read about the mowers, it is unlikely that you will not be able to find one that is suitable. We truly enjoyed using the following three lawn mowers from Husqvarna.

  • Husqvarna 5521P

One of the first things that will be noticed about this lawn mower is the high rear wheels. The main reason for this is to make sure that the mower can move well in tight or enclosed spaces. This is one of the most efficient of the push mowers, and it has been especially praised for its compact design. It is possible to fold the flat handle, meaning there is less space needed when the mower is not in use. The front wheels are 8” tall and the rear are 12”, and the entire mower is easy to move as it weighs just 60 lbs.


It has a choice of three cutting modes, mulch, collection and side discharge. It is ideal for anyone to use as it is easy to start and you can depend on the engine as it has been built to last. The cutting deck is made of steel, and the area that can be covered is 21”. It has 5 cutting height increments and has a cutting range of 1.25 inches to 3.42” allowing all but the most bald or overgrown lawns to be cut.

  • Husqvarna 7021P

As with the previous model, the rear wheels will make it easier to move around tight spaces. They are double ball bearing wheels meaning it operates smoothly, even though it is a slightly heavier machine than the 5521P. There are 9 different cutting height levels, meaning that it can be used on lawns at various stages of growth. It can cover an area of 21”of grass so large areas can be mowed in a short space of time.

husqvarna push mow 7021P

When in use, the cuttings are caught in a soft bag. There is up to 2.2 cubic feet of grass can be collected in it before it needs to be emptied. This mower is run off a 4hp Honda engine and it has a soft grip handle. The handle can be folded down when being stored, ensuring it will fit into most sheds.

  • Husqvarna 961430115

This is an electric start mower, meaning that there are no problems for people with arm injuries, or a weakness in the hand. It gives three options when it comes to getting rid of the grass. It can be mulched, discharged to the side or begged. It is much heavier than some other mowers as it weighs 105 lbs, but can still be moved with ease.

Husqvarna 961430115

The wheels are the same size at the front and the back, and as there is self-propelled, all-wheel drive, you can decide how quickly you want to mow, and this is controlled by a trigger set in the handlebar. It runs off a 1.2v battery and this is easy to charge as the adapter just needs to be plugged into the mains. It does not have the high rear wheels, but it is still capable of cutting grass in all places, and mowing on a slope is no problem at all.


The reality is that only you will know which mower is going to be best for your garden. It will be hard to go wrong with one of these machines, but check carefully and make sure you select the one that has the most useful features that you will use.

How to Buy a Self propelled Lawn Mower with a Wide cutting Deck

“A self propelled lawn mower is the best mowing equipment for people who hate pushing a mower as it propels itself and you should lightly direct”

Do you have a larger area to mow?

If that is the case you need to purchase a self-propelled mower with a huge deck. First, this type of mower drives itself and you only push it lightly to show direction. Working with this sort of mowing machine is effortless, convenient and enjoyable. There are many types of self propelled lawn mowers. But for your convenience, it would be best to buy one that has a big deck as it will offer a wide cutting path. Even as you look for a big-decked mower, focus on weight. Is it going to be too bulky to drive across a big yard? And if bulky, what other features are put in place to easily propel the thing forward. A self propelled mower with a wide cutting path can save your time and get the job done properly.

lawn mower

Choosing guide

When searching for a wide-decked self propelled lawn mower, focus on anything above twenty inches. It is even possible to find a thirty-three inches dual blade cutting deck. This one cuts a very wide path as the deck is extra wide. The internet is full of stores that sell lawn mowers. So it will be easy to find a mower that cuts a very wide path.

Besides the deck being wide, you should consider the cutting blades. Is there a blade override system that enables the engine to continue running but safely stops the blades from spinning when you release the bail/bar? Some engines will shut down completely when you stop pressing the bail to remove an obstacle or take a break from mowing.

These may be a little inconvenient as you must start the equipment again. Additionally, starting and stopping the machine’s engine many times during a single mowing session will eventually reduce its lifespan. There are also mowers that are configured in such a way that the blades’ parts do not touch when spinning. This eliminates the need for annual sharpening and saves you money.

Although your main focus is a wide deck, it will be important to consider other features. For instance, does the mower offer side discharging, mulching and bagging system? Some mowers provide a 2-in-1 convertible system that eliminates the bagger. If you want the bagging option, you will have to look for wide-deck mowers that offer a 3-in-1 system. Moreover, you must focus on the engine if you are looking to buy a gas mowing equipment. Take the time to research about the type of engine used by each mower you are interested in.

You can use the internet for your research. Also, you can read product reviews and ask fellow shoppers questions about the engine. There are some mowers that run a few times and then the engine fails. Consider the size of the gas tank too. An item with a wide cutting path will most likely have a large gas tank— up to two US gallons.

It will also have other great features such as a variable throttle control, hour meter with maintenance reminder, rear wheel drive and a number of forward speeds. The larger wheels are designed to improve maneuverability and make your work easier when moving around obstacles like trees, fountains and bushes. A gas model offering an automatic push-button start is more preferable that the traditional one that uses a pull cord.

There are mowers that have both options. Cutting height adjustment settings is a must-have feature when looking for wide-deck self-propelled lawn mower. You need to know what settings are there when you want to cut your grass up to a certain height. Above all, ensure that the deck itself is made of a strong material such as steel.


This article has taught you a thing or two about choosing your wide-decked mowing machine. Now we hope that you will pick the correct equipment for your needs. Also we advise you to compare different products from various brands to end up buying the best self propelled lawn mower 2015. Remember that you can pick among the reels, electric and gas-powered styles.

who makes best self propelled lawn mower?

“If you need a self propelled lawn mower that will make your mowing work more successful and fun, then you are about to read a very helpful article.”


A lawn mower is one of the relatively expensive machines you could buy. So just like other shoppers you want to get value for your money. And this, in other words, means that the lawn mower you end up choosing should be long lasting. When we say long lasting we do not mean just the lawn mower body. What use will be the body to you if some components break down so often? We need to be honest with you about some brands’ warranties. The warranty may be there to use but you might end up with another piece of junk as a replacement. Another scenario is where the mower manufacturer uses an engine from another manufacturer. If the engine gets faulty, and you decide to use your warranty, you might be tossed between the two companies. So being careful is a must. Additionally, you can read about lawn mowers that we consider perfect for all.

  1. Scotts 2000-20

This is a push reel mower, of course, but we love it. Though we thought it would require too much physical strength to push, it turned out we were wrong. Scotts 2000 may be a classic reel mower but with five heat-treated steel blades to simplify your work. It also has a 6-inch wide rear wheels and 10-inch wide front wheels for jam-free movement.

Scotts 2000-20

The QuickSnap height adjustment setting lets you determine how tall or low to mow your yard. With up to nine different choices to pick from, you will love the QuickSnap feature so much. The foam grip loop handle is ergonomically fitted. Scotts Push Reel is very compact and light, ensuring that you move around obstacles and crevices with ease.

What’s more, it has a 5-spider ball earing reel and a cutting path of up to twenty inches wide. This is the safest reel mower, as it does not kick up debris. Additionally, Scotts Push mower does not pollute the surroundings with fumes or noise. It is obviously many times easier to drive than most classic manual reel mowers, and it is ideal for beginners with smaller plots.

  1. Great States 204-14

Great States 204 is another Reel push mower that we truly liked. As you can tell from the title, this is a modern hand reel push mower with such a narrow cutting deck. Boasting a 14-inch cutting path, the Great States is ideal for very small yards. You do not want this for a medium to large sized yard because your physical energy is its driving power. Three-spider one-blade reel does not disappoint though.

Great States 204-14

It is so sharp that it cuts grass so easily and fast. This lawn mower has a height adjustment system that lets you choose your final grass height (1/2 inch and 1 ½ inch). With its 8.5-inch diameter robust polymer wheels, the Great States reel mower slithers easily as long as the topography is not very difficult. As lightweight as it may be, be prepared to push. But you will enjoy it being a noise-free and easy to push.

  1. Husqvarna 7021P

Husqvarna 7021P is a great gas lawn mower from Husqvarna.   It uses a much stronger engine: 160cc Honda GVC 160 engine. Having big 12-inch wide rear wheels, this mower is a speedy power machine that finishes up its job in no time at all.   Mulching, side discharging and rear bagging system is present in this Hasqvarna model. Equipped with a foldable handle, the 7021P model is easy to store when not in use.

Husqvarna 7021P

Also a California Carb Compliant model, Husqvarna 7021P is a self propelled gas mower that is effortless to drive. It is the ideal mower for yards that have weeds, tough grass and thick patches. You will not regret having this model, especially because you have its 4.9 position height adjustment feature.


So far you have read about three of our most preferred lawn mower products. Which of these will you prefer? We are not saying that you restrict yourself to just these. All we want you to know is that we have used them and had a great experience.

Which self propelled lawn mower is best?

The self propelled lawn mower has no match these days as it seems to support the needs of the sick, elderly and other peoples with mobility issues”


So you are looking for the best self propelled mower? This is not as difficult as you might think. If you know where to search for it, what features to look for, and what your needs are, the whole buying process will be easy. There are so many manufacturers who have put their products on the internet. So you will truly have no choice but look through various websites until you find the product that will suit your needs. It is also easier to read product reviews when you are doing your investigation on the internet. By so doing you will eliminate the danger of buying the wrong lawn mower for your lawn. This is one such review article that will introduce you to three of the best self propelled mowers we have seen and used. Read on to find out.

  1. GreenWorks 25022

This is probably one of the best machines we have bought from GreenWorks. It is such a popular electric lawn mower with a 12-Amphere motor. The first thing that got our attention was the larger wheels. The rear wheels are ten inches wide while the front ones are seven inches wide. These make movement so smooth even though the yard has hilly areas and some obstacles.

greenworks 25022

This mower has a twenty-inch cutting path, guaranteeing a quick finish. Then there is a 7-position height adjustment option that let’s you alter the grass cutting height from 1 ½ inch to 3 ¾ inch.   Boasting a metal body and cover, the 25022 model is stronger and more durable than many similar electric lawn mowers.

Its deck cuts so close to the root of the grass, lengthening your mowing intervals.   The bar in the middle and the handles will fold away effortlessly when you want to store the equipment. The 25022 is definitely a 3-in-1 mower with a bagging, rear discharging and mulching system.

  1. Fiskars Staysharp Max Reel Mower

Although gas and electric lawn mowers are seen as the best and most convenient, some people love their reel mowers. If these are your favorite mowers as well, look into Fiskars Staysharp Max Reel Mower today.   The cutting path for this one is 18 inches and relatively narrow decked. Fiskars’ main selling point is the StaySharp Cutting System that prevents the blades from touching each other when cutting grass.

Fiskars Max Reel Mower

This ensures that the blades do not get blunt, and so annual sharpening is skipped. If you have tough grass, including St. Augustine and Bahia, Fiskars Staysharp can be your best friend. It even cuts weeds, thick turf, and twigs like a sharp pair of scissors. It is the best reel mower if you desire close side edging as well. Instead of leaving grass to where your feet are, this mower uses a discharge chute that throws it forward.

VersaCut Technology is the other feature that we adore. It is a position height setting that lets you choose how low you want to trim your grass. Simply determine the pattern you want to achieve in the end and then get your push mower to work. Though you will push it, this reel mower has every modern feature found in electric and gas models.

  1. Husqvarna 5521P

Husqvarna 5521P is among the top-selling products from the Hasqvarna’s gas self propelled lawn mower product line. Powered by gas, the 5521P uses a 5-point 140cc engine from Briggs and Stratton. It is a relatively wide-decked product offering a 21-inch cutting path. A 3-in-1 gas lawn mower, Hasquvarna allows you to mulching, bag and side discharge.


There is no manual correcting job after mowing, as this equipment does the cleaning when working. If you have always had trouble cutting grass around obstacles and corners, order this machine and you won’t regret. And when you are done, simply fold down the handles and store in a box.


We have reviewed three of the best electric, reel and gas mowers we have bought and tested. Though the review is brief, we strongly believe that you will use it to make the right purchase decision.